Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Free Posture Reports

I created this blog after years of experience helping clients improve their posture working as a Physical Therapist.

My goal of the site is to provide you with fantastic posture related information.

Here is how I would recommend you use the blog.

Firstly please visit these pages, ideally in this order:
1) Where to Start?
2) What is Good Posture?
3) The 4 Most Common Bad Postures

Once you know what to look for now your job is to now identify which Bad Posture you most resemble. Each "Bad Posture" post contains a list of appropriate exercises to perform.

You can find detailed instruction on all of the posture exercises including a video by clicking on this link.

Can I Bribe you into Allowing Me to Help You?
Please take 2 minutes to tell me how I can be of more assistance. I would like to know more about exactly what sort of information you are looking.

As a Special Thank You for taking the time I have included for you 3 FREE Posture Reports:

Simply fill out the form below and you can instantly download them.

Thank you again for allowing me to help improve your posture.

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