Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Posture Exercises – Front Neck Muscles

The Deep Neck Flexors are small muscles at the front of your neck.

From Wikipedia

It is common for these muscles to become weak. Activities of modern living such as working at a computer of put us in a head forward posture. A head forward posture puts these muscles in a lengthened position. When a muscle is consistently in a lengthen position it has a harder time contracting efficiently. If a muscle doesn’t contract well it will loose strength.

These muscles are responsible for the movement of tucking your chin in, similar to if you were nodding your head. Although they assist in this movement there more significant contribution is to aid in stability of the different neck vertebrae.

In the video, as in most of our videos on posture exercises, we have included two versions, an easy and hard version.

For some reason sometimes this video is not showing up in the blog. If it is not working it can be viewed by clicking here.

The key to these exercises is too keep the chin tucked in.

Be aware that you will probably find the harder version challenging. Do not do if it causes pain

For these posture exercises try holding them for 10 second. Repeat 5 times gradually building 10. Once you can do 10 gradually increase the time of the hold.

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